Home Fiber Internet from AtNex

Atlantic Nexus (AtNex) is the residential ISP arm of Net2Atlanta. Traditionally, Atnex has provided DSL in the Atlanta local calling zone.  But now, AtNex is moving into high speed home internet with Fiber to the Home (FTTH).  Our first markets for our own fiber are near our office in Marietta, GA and a remote area in Notasulga & Tuskegee, AL.  This service is very similar to Google Fiber’s Internet service.  Up to 1Gbps is available.  We do not provide TV or phone, instead we allow the customer to stream from any of the many sources (HBO, Netflix, Amazon, Sling…..) and use Vonage or MagicJack for voice.

We also provide bulk fiber internet service to residential condominium developments.

To serve folks outside of our limited home fiber internet coverage area, we have made a deal with AT&T Enterprise division to use their VDSL and GPONS fiber offering.  VDSL allows us to provide speeds up to 75Mbps, which is plenty for streaming, gaming, and VOIP.  Read more here.  This service is related to AT&T’s UVerse, but is not the same retail product and thus has some advantages.  It cannot and does not include voice or TV as part of it.  It will support VOIP services like MagicJack or Skype as well as streaming TV.

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